Reasons To Select A Disney Cruise For Your Family


A Disney vacation is like a rite of passage for families and kids. Most kids grow up with Disney characters, Disney shows, and enjoying major motion pictures from the brand. Going to a Disney park can be an exciting experience; however, being in a large park can be scary for kids and, more importantly, parents. If you are interested in a Disney vacation but are not interested in packing for a park, here are some reasons to select a cruise instead.

Better for social anxiety

If you or your children deal with social anxiety, a cruise can give you a better overall experience. At a park, you may not be able to exit and reenter without risking the park going to capacity. If you are staying far away from the park, leaving and coming back may not be an option at all. While on a cruise, you can always get back on your cabin room within a few moments' time. For a person with social anxiety, having a safe haven is a necessity while on vacation.

Finite areas bring ease

A child being lost in a large park or worse, leaving the park, is a parent's worst nightmare. On the cruise, there is no chance of a child leaving. Cruises are a finite area, so the children will be on a boat for the duration. If you need to find your child, an announcement can be made and areas can easily communicate with one another to find children and other family members.

Splitting up parties is easy

If you have children in different age ranges, everyone may not be interested in the same park rides or activities. However, splitting up may not be an option if there is not enough adult supervision or means of communication. Cruises allow for an easy splitting up of parties. Cruise directors will provide daily information on what events are being held and what times and areas they are held in. Your teenagers will be able to go to parties and social events, while your smaller children can participate in character meet-ups and readings at their leisure.

Room service makes life easier

One of the best parts of cruises is room services. Room service is most often free for many items, meaning you can order snacks and food 24-hours a day. When the kids are too tired or you want to institute a curfew for your party, you can bring all of the kids inside and order room service rather than attending one of the dining halls. At the end of the day, being able to order a meal in and talk about the fun had that day and the plan for tomorrow can keep your family properly connected while enjoying a cruise.

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7 October 2015

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