Touring Italy: What To See In A Short Time


With so much to see in Italy, it can seem overwhelming to choose where to go and what to do. If you choose to go sightseeing on your own itinerary, you might miss some lesser known and less visited places in Italy. Using a travel agency, like Rainbow Travel, allows you to customize your own tour of Italy, while taking in some of the recommended sights, smells, and flavors of this country. This is especially helpful when you have only a few days to travel but you want to see as much as possible. Here are some suggestions for customizing a three-day, five-day and seven-day whirlwind tour of Italy.

The Three-Day Tour

Rome is where many tourists go to get a little bit of everything Italian. In three days you can:

  • See the Colosseum 
  • Visit Vatican City and the Vatican's vast collection of art
  • Sample regional foods that originate in Roman history and culture
  • Stay in your own private villa
  • Shop for some of the world's most expensive Italian goods at discount prices (because there is no import tax or international taxes!)

The Five-Day Tour

When five days is all you have, Venice is the place to go. Second to Rome, it is the iconic Italian city with its canals and gondolas. Here you can:

  • Explore every inch of the city on foot or by gondola--many tourists prefer the gondola, or water taxi
  • Visit the city's famous museum, the Accademie la Galleria, or the Academy Gallery, where art from the Renaissance all the way through the Eighteenth century is on display
  • Visit the main piazza, or central square of Venice, which is one of the few areas in the city not criss-crossed by water canals and built on solid ground

The Seven-Day Tour

Granted, a week may not seem like a short time, but when you are visiting another country and trying to see as much as you can, a week goes by quite fast. If you want to experience lots of art, Italian flavors and smells, and Medieval to Renaissance architecture, Tuscany is the city for all of these. It is the birthplace of both Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, and you can find some of their work in museums there. Villas for rent in the countryside near the city put you in close quarters with Italian vineyards and wine is a common ingredient in the sauces of Tuscan food.

Creating Your Own Tour

Of course, you could just take two or three days to visit one or more of the cities previously mentioned. Since certain travel agencies allow you to create your own tour and help you package it neatly, you could stay as long as you like in one city and then make a short visit to another. Touring flexibility allows you to enjoy a little bit of everything.


31 March 2015

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